Why has Epoxy Resin become so popular?

Why has Epoxy Resin become so popular? – Over the past 10 years, within Australia, the popularity for creating “Resin Art” began from being featured on shows like Better Homes and Gardens and The Block which sparked interest and became increasingly popular in the more recent years, and for a good reason! This versatile material, that we call resin, can be used in various ways, from art projects to functional homewares, dining and kitchen-ware and even home repairs. Resin has unique properties which make it stand out from other regular materials you may have around the house. So, what is it about art epoxy resin that has made it so popular? Let’s take a closer look.

Epoxy Resins and Resin Art is not something “new” but something that became well known particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. With more and more people stuck at home, DIY projects including Arts & Crafts became a household must. Creating with resin gave artists and hobbyists the chance to try something new, explore new possibilities, take care of their mental health and a great new way to pass the quarantine and lockdown times.

Firstly, Epoxy Resin is incredibly durable. Once it cures, it creates a hard, shiny and durable surface that can withstand wear and tear better than many other materials. This durability is what makes it ideal for projects like jewellery, coasters and artwork.

Epoxy Resin can create stunning visual effects. When combined with pigments, glitters or dyes, epoxy resin can create unique and mesmerising patterns and designs. This has led to its popularity in the art world, where artists are using it to create abstract paintings, sculptures, and other types of art pieces. Resin is the perfect material to replicate a water-like effect, which is why you will commonly see beach or ocean themed resin projects.
Resin can also enhance other artworks; coating Alcohol Ink art pieces, creating sculptures, adding a glossy finish to an acrylic painting or Sculpey Clay jewellery. Or even adding a high gloss finish to Jesmonite.

Thirdly, Epoxy Resin is easy to work with. It’s self-levelling, meaning that it will spread evenly over a surface without any effort from the user. Additionally, it has a good working time, allowing artists and DIY enthusiasts to take their time and create intricate designs without the fear of the material drying too quickly.

Epoxy resin is also super versatile. It can be used in a wide range of applications, from jewellery making to home repairs, coasters to river tables, clocks to tumblers. The list of possibilities with resin are truly only limited by your own imagination. Its adhesive properties make it ideal for repairing or reinforcing items, and its clear finish makes it perfect for creating a glossy and shiny finish on surfaces.

When it comes to resin, the possibilities are endless and that is what makes it such an appealing products for artists and hobbyists to give it a go. If you’re new to resin, then welcome! At U RESIN we love sharing our technical knowledge and product experience with you, so you can unleash the artist within.

You can find a vast range of products and information throughout our website. Be sure to check out our Blog Posts, FAQ’s, Videos, Technical Data Information, Colour Charts & Product Compatibility Charts to help you choose which of our products is best for you. If you want to give resin a go but you still aren’t sure what you want to create, give our recent blog; “What can you make with Epoxy Resin?” a read or visit our shop to fill your carts with your favourite resin goodies!

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