U RESIN is Changing!

U RESIN is Changing! Yes, you read that right! We are making some big changes here at U RESIN, but maybe not in the way you make think. In today’s blog post we will be going into depth about some of the changes you may have already noticed and what else we will be changing as we fast approach the new year.

Shipping – This is the one thing we wish we didn’t have to do, but unfortunately with AusPost and other delivery carriers increasing their pricing and adding fuel levies we are increasing our Shipping costs to reflect. Since the beginning of 2023, we have been absorbing much of the shipping costs for parcels (especially for rural deliveries), however since the recent (significant) price increase from AusPost we can no longer afford to absorb these costs. But Because of the increases, we have broken down our delivery options during checkout which will be in affect from the 1st of September 2023. The following delivery options will now be applicable during checkout:

Perth Metro: 
– Click & Collect (Purchase any of our products online, then collect your order once we have packed it for you)
– Flat Rate Shipping $11.95
– Free Shipping over $200.00

Australia Wide (Standard): 
– Prices starting from $10.95

Australia Wide (Rural):
– Click & Collect (Rural WA only)
– Prices starting from $13.50
– Based on AusPost or TNT weight pricing

It isn’t all bad news – For Perth customers, you will see a reduction in shipping costs. We are now offering a flat rate fee or free over $200.00 spends. All of our prices are based on Standard Shipping rates with the following carriers: Allied, Aramex, AusPost, Couriers Please, Northline and TNT/Fedex. If you are after Express shipping, please email us at: info@uresin.com.au with your Order # so we can obtain a shipping quote.

Bottles & Kegs – This is something we have been rolling out for a couple of months already, as this was entirely dependent on our Plastics’ suppliers. Due to changes in OHS Laws here in Western Australia, our local plastics manufacturers have discontinued particular bottle and keg sizes we were purchasing. This includes 500ml and 1 Litre bottles and 25 Litre kegs. Our smaller kits fortunately have not been impacted, as there were equivalent bottle options, however the 25 Litre kegs did impact many of our larger kits.

Because of the discontinuation, once we have used up the remaining stock our 75L U RESIN OceanCast, 150L U RESIN OceanCast, 75L U RESIN Cast and 150L U RESIN Cast will no longer be available kit sizes. In saying this, we now have 20 Litre kegs available to us, so we will be changing the larger kits to 60L & 120L and will be keeping the Price Per Litre the same as the original kit sizes.

Since we now have 20 Litre kegs, it also means our 30L U RESIN Cast, 30L U RESIN OceanCast and 40L U RESIN Liquid Glass kits are now packed in adequate keg sizes, so you no longer have large “unfilled” space in the kegs.
Alongside these changes, we have also begun updating our bottle and keg caps. Some time ago, you may have remembered both the Part A and Part B keg caps were black. We have now changed this with all kegs to include White Caps for Part A and Black Caps for Part B to match our original bottles. This way, it can be easily remembered which cap belongs to which bottle and avoid a mix up. With our smaller bottles, we are also in the process of adding “tamper proof” caps that have a seal to crack (similarly to a milk bottle). This will ensure no leakages during transit and a tighter seal to avoid moisture contamination.

Over the next few months, we will also be updating our product images to reflect these changes in bottle and keg shapes and sizes. That way, you can see exactly what you are purchasing from our website.

Labels – Being one of the “Original” Epoxy Resin manufacturer and suppliers, we never really put much time in designing our product labels. It just didn’t really matter and our products spoke for themselves in terms of quality and ease of use. Now that we have such a wide variety of customers using multiple of our resin systems, we want to make it easier to differentiate between each of our resin systems. That way you can avoid any mismatched products or accidental measuring of incorrect parts.

Over the next couple of months, we will be redesigning the U RESIN Standard UV, U RESIN Liquid Glass, U RESIN Cast and U RESIN OceanCast labels. There will be no impact to the formula’s (as we don’t believe in changing something that is already perfect!) but you will begin to notice changes in the labels on the bottles or kegs themselves as we use up and phase out the original labels.

Shop & Workshops – Over the coming months as we move towards the Christmas Season, we will be scaling back on workshops and will be increasing our shop size. Since we have such a large range of products that continues to grow, we are constantly running out of shop space to put new products. Because of this, we will be scheduling less classes and running smaller groups, so we can increase the size of our shop floor. This means you’ll be able to visit in store and see a much larger variety of products, rather than relying to purchase online or having to use our click & collect option.

Website – As always we are looking for ways to make your shopping experience easier. We will be continuing to make changes to ensure you can find and purchase products simply whilst having as much information, readily available for your project needs.

Whilst some of these changes aren’t exactly the “best”, we are always trying to do everything we can to ensure we have the best product availability and ease of use so you can spend less time planning and purchasing and more time being able to unleash the artist within.

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