About Us

Hey! My name is Alex. Welcome to U RESIN. We are a 3rd generation of family owned business specialising in Epoxy Resin Manufacturing and Supplies. We are located in Perth, Western Australia, where we manufacture and distribute all of our resin products. We focus on three characteristics; Dependability, Customer Service and Uniqueness.

How did the U RESIN journey all begin? 

This journey all began in October of 1988, in a home office by my very talented grandfather, Ian Pascoe. My parents joined this journey and since those humble beginnings the business has out grown three factories and is still continuing to grow. I grew up in the family business learning, helping, watching and hearing so much about the different applications and industries that can use epoxy resin products.

In my final year of High School, I began my real journey. I started working full time for the family business, learning more and more about polyurethanes and various resins. This is where I developed a passion for learning about resins and what they were truly capable of.

From a young girl, I have loved to create, change and try new things. So with the help of my parents, my grandfather, and our Chemist we combined our vast chemical experience to create a range of specialised Epoxy Resins designed for Art and Casting. This was the beginning of our legacy company, U RESIN. With our easy to use and glass-like finish, you can create your very own masterpiece that you, your family and friends can admire.

Since 2017, we have vastly grown our range of resin systems along with various other products that compliment our resins. We pride ourselves on supporting other small, Australian and family run businesses when it comes to the products we stock. So when you shop with us, you know you are not only supporting us but a range of other great businesses.

I hope that the products we manufacture and sell will help others to enjoy their artistic journey’s and love their pieces as much as we have loved creating our products.
At U RESIN, we want to help you Unleash the Artist Within.

A special thank you to my family, friends and community for joining me on this amazing journey. I hope that you will all continue to be a part of this special story. To help continue this story, share your images or videos of work with our resin or art supplies with us on Facebook and Instagram @uresinperth.

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