What can you make using Epoxy Resin?

So you’ve just found a new creative art medium; Resin. But what can you really use resin for to create? Well, the simple (or maybe not so simple) answer is, whatever your creative mind can think of.

Epoxy Resins are fairly versatile or at least, there are many different types of epoxy resins that can be used to create many different projects. If you are new to resin or maybe just looking for something different to give a try, here are some of the most common and our favourite types of projects you can make using resin.

Resin Jewellery –  Resin can be used to create all kinds of different jewellery. Whether you are using Sculpey Clay to create a pattern and clear coating in resin for a high gloss finish, or pouring with colours and glitters in jewellery moulds. Or perhaps even turning timber and resin to create rings or bangles. Create resin rings, earrings, hair clips, brooch/pins, necklace pendants, bangles, really whatever you can think of.

Resin Homewares – Resin can be added to cheeseboards, picnic or wine tables, create resin coasters, jewellery trays, flower pots, vases, soap holders, clocks, coated cheese knife handles and so much more.

Resin Art – This is probably the most common yet broadest project type with resin. Whether you are creating a piece of wall are with colours, creating a beach scene or maybe even clear coating family photos or pet portraits that can be hung up and preserved for a lifetime.

Resin Preservation – On the topic of preservation, maybe you or a loved one recently got married, passed away or even had a ball or other memorable event where they received flowers that they wish to keep. Well you can dry and preserve flowers and florals in resin. Use resin to create wall hanging pieces, table or desk ornaments, door weights, wine bottle stoppers, bookmarks or even ring holders.

Resin River Tables – Maybe you’re looking for something a little more extreme with resin. Resin River boards and tables is an incredible resin project that will not only look incredible but also be a standout piece in your home or office. River Table possibilities are endless, whether making a computer desk, resin conference table, waterfall resin hallway table or even a stunning dining table. There is quite a process in preparing and creating a resin river table but the final product always makes it worth the effort.

Hopefully some of these project ideas have inspired you to get creative with resin. If you want to give one of these projects a go, or have something else in mind but are unsure what type of resin you need, be sure to get in contact with our U RESIN Team. We will be more than happy to assist you with the products you need to help you unleash the artist within.

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