How To: Use Metallic Leaf Flakes

We have recently introduced a new range of accessories to compliment the many products we have available in our store. One of those being; Metallic Leaf Flakes. However a common question we receive is; How do you use them? So we are here to tell you the best ways to incorporate metallic leaf flakes in your artworks.

The Metallic Leaf Flakes; Gold, Silver and Copper are a very delicate yet beautiful product that can add depth and texture to any artwork. It is a great feature product to brighten any piece. The real beauty of the Metallic Leaf Flakes is that you don’t have to just use them in resin! Anyway here are the best ways on how to use Metallic Leaf Flakes.

1. (The most obvious) Resin – Once you mix up your resin, add a few flakes to your resin and mix together. You can then pour over your artwork or into moulds. Alternatively, you can add it to the top of a cured resin surface with glue.

2. Alcohol Ink – Apply the gold flakes to an Alcohol Ink artwork, whether on a Yupo, MDF or Aluminium surface. You can add it while the ink is still wet, or for better results, allow ink to dry and apply with a glue to the areas you desire.

Top Tip: Use a spray varnish over the Metallic Leaf Flakes to avoid then from tarnishing or flaking off over time if it hasn’t been completely glued down.

3. Paintings – If you have a painting, apply glue down to the surface where you want the flakes to stick and apply the flakes directly onto the glued area whilst still wet.

Top Tip: Use a soft brush to pick up the flakes to apply to your painting, as they are very delicate and can be hard to use without it falling apart.

4. Sculpey Clay – If you don’t have any metallic clays and want to give your clay jewellery or items a metallic finish, then add some of the Metallic Leaf Flakes to the clay and roll to disperse the flakes and cut/ shape as normal.

5. Nail or Body Art – The Metallic Leaf Flakes can be added to body art, make up looks or on nails for a metallic finish.

6. Kids Crafts – Add these Metallic Leaf Flakes to any kids crafts like paintings, slime or even playdough. This will give there play times some added sparkle and shine.

The possibilities are endless, you just have to let your imagination go wild and have fun with these products. They really are a great addition to your art collection.

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