Which Jesmonite Product is best for my projects?

Which Jesmonite Product is best for my projects? – When it comes to bringing your creative visions to life, Jesmonite offers a range of versatile products that cater to different project requirements. In this blog post, we’ll share with you the differences between Jesmonite AC100 and AC730.

Selecting the Right Jesmonite Product – Are you creating intricate sculptures, architectural elements, or functional decor or homewares pieces? Now, whilst both products can be used for most of the same projects, there are some differences and some benefits that each one will offer for certain projects. The scale and intended use will play a significant role in determining which is the most suitable product. Both AC100 and AC730 offer distinct textures and detailing possibilities.

If your project demands fine textures and intricate details, AC100 will be your preferred choice.

If time is of the essence and you require a quicker turnaround or simply working on smaller project scales, AC100’s rapid curing time will be a game-changer. Unlike all other Eco Resin, Acrylic Resin or similar, Jesmonite AC100 has a de-mould time within 20-30 minutes* (*Temperature Dependent).

Whilst the AC100 is a resilient product, making it an excellent choice for functional pieces, it should be noted that it is not UV resistant and should be used for “inside” projects. AC100 offers a “chameleon” like effect, with its ability to replicate virtually any surface, colour or texture whilst being super user friendly.

  • Advantages: Quick curing, versatility, durability, and smooth finish.
  • Limitations: May not offer the same level of detailing as AC730 for large projects

You will largely see artists’ and hobbyists’ using Jesmonite AC100 for household projects like; Coasters, Jewellery Trays, Vases and Pots, Candle Holders, Terrazzo, Trinket Dishes and more.

For larger projects or those with complex structures, AC730’s longer curing time and low permeability might be advantageous, allowing for meticulous, intricate work and reducing the risk of premature curing.

AC730’s gypsum-based nature suits projects where precise replication and longevity are essential. As mentioned before, the low permeability allows the AC730 to be one of the best “outdoor” products to withstand external weathering.

  • Advantages: Ideal for intricate work, impressive textures, and extended curing time.
  • Limitations: Longer curing time might not be suitable for projects requiring rapid results.

Jesmonite AC730 is widely used for architectural projects like; cornices, building finishes, shop fit-outs, shop counters, planter pots, mullions, skirting, panelling and more.

Jesmonite AC100 and AC730: The Basics

Jesmonite AC100:

  • A water-based acrylic composite
  • 2.5 Parts Powder to 1 Part Liquid
  • Suitable for casting, laminating, and more
  • Versatility and durability are paramount
  • Superior cast and glass reinforced mouldings
  • Ideal for creating decorative and functional pieces
  • Offers a smooth and durable finish
  • Quick curing time and turnaround

Jesmonite AC730:

  • A gypsum-based composite
  • 5 Parts Powder to 1 Part Liquid
  • Perfect for casting, replication, and sculpting
  • Preferred for larger architectural elements
  • Provides intricate detailing and fine textures
  • Longer curing time
  • Manual handling weight reduction
  • High early strength gain & Excellent abrasion resistance

It is also important to note, whether you are using Jesmonite AC100 or Jesmonite AC730, that whilst these products are fire resistant, lightweight, impact resistant and safe to use (non-toxic, no VOC’s and no solvents) they are not classified or certified Food Grade or Food Safe. They are materials that should be used for decorative or architectural purposes. Even with a coating or sealant, they are still not suitable for food preparation or serving.

So whether you decide on Jesmonite AC100 or Jesmonite AC730, you’re stepping into a world of unlimited creative possibilities. Your project’s unique demands will guide your choice, ensuring that your artistic vision comes to life with precision and beauty.

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