Website Updates for 2023

Website Updates for 2023 – Can you believe we are in 2023 already, and it’s almost February too? Time absolutely flies when you’re having fun unleashing the (resin) artist within. This is our first blog post of 2023, and we have a number of blog posts to share with you throughout this year. We plan to share all sorts of uncommon tips and tricks when working with epoxy resin, so you can be confident during your resin journey.

But before we get into another year of sharing important tips, we thought we would update you all on some changes you may (or may not) have noticed on our website recently.


1. Resin Compatibility Chart – Under our new “LEARN” tab you can now find a compatibility chart. This chart details all of our Epoxy Resin Systems that you can find available on our website and shows you what kind of projects can be made with each specific resin.

Unfortunately not all epoxy resin systems are universal so we have done our best to narrow down the main types of resin projects and what resin is most suitable for it.

2. Colour Charts – Also under the new “LEARN” tab you will find our colour pigments. This is a digital chart that we have created, which displays our full range of U RESIN Epoxy Pigments, Limited Edition Pigments, Mousse Pigments & Lustre Pigments.

We have created and separated the colours into 2 charts – Matte/ Plain Finish and Pearl Finish. With the Matte finish chart you will find all of our Limited Edition & Epoxy Pigment colours here and whether they are transparent or opaque.

Our Pearl finish chart shows our Lustre & Mousse Pigments and the type of shimmer they best provide.

3. Payment Methods – We have now updated our available payment methods to provide more variety and an easier checkout process. We have had Zippay available for many years now, however we finally have a compatible version that is suitable for payment directly through our website.

This means you can now seamlessly check out using the following safe and secure payment methods: Stripe, Credit/Debit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Afterpay & Zippay – (Buy Now, Pay Later)

4. Stockists – Under our “LEARN” tab you can easily find our Australia Wide stockists and the products that they currently stock. We have also provided the contact information for each business so you can easily contact each stockist direct if you are looking for a local supplier of our Epoxy Resin systems and Pigments.

5. Recommends – Something new we have just introduced is our U RESIN Recommends under the “ABOUT US” tab on our website. This is a range of resin artists and businesses that we work closely with, that we would recommend if you are looking for a resin related commission.

We receive a large number of requests to complete commission pieces and as much as we would love to do them, we are unfortunately just too busy manufacturing resin & pigments, re-stocking shelves, teaching workshops, packing orders and creating new products (amongst many other things) to be able to create resin art.

So we have provided a list of resin artists/ businesses & hobbyists that create custom commissions with our products, so if you are looking for something custom, be sure to contact them direct and let them know U RESIN sent you!

We are always looking for ways to improve our website and product range to ensure you have the best customer experience, so you can spend less time worrying and more time unleashing the (resin) artist within. If you have suggestions or product queries, email us today and we will do our best to find a suitable solution.

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