U RESIN on tour!

WOW! What a year it’s been for our little U RESIN family so far. We are so incredibly grateful to each and every customer we have for helping us to grow and continue to share our products with you all. Let me tell you about U RESIN on tour!

I’m writing this on our plane ride home from our FIRST interstate trip in Adelaide where we just taught 2 incredible SOLD OUT classes.  Our true resin journey began about 12 years ago in Adelaide, where the first (and only) customer we ever had was purchasing our resin for her artworks. 10 years later, and U RESIN came to life and began to share these products with the rest of Australia and (soon), internationally.

Finally being able to put faces to names for existing customers was an incredible experience and sharing our knowledge and advice on using our products and with everyone is absolutely thrilling and reminds us how lucky we are to be able to do what we love every day.

We want to share a BIG thank you to Nina D’Antonio from Shattered Shapes for collaborating with us and helping us to make these workshops come to life! We are so pleased to have Nina as a friend, customer and Stockist of our various Resin Systems & colour pigments in Adelaide.

Photos of the amazing Artwork

To view some of the photos and gorgeous artworks that were created by our students, head over to our Facebook page here: U RESIN Facebook Page
We used our latest artwork resin, U RESIN Liquid Glass with a wide range of Pigments, Mousses, Lustres & Metals from our U RESIN collection along with our favourite Metal & Metallic Powders and Epoxy Pastes from Art Tree Creations that we stock on our website here: www.uresin.com.au/shop.

Want to see us somewhere? Let us know! We are always exploring the interest of other locations to visit and teach and would love to meet every single one of our customers someday!

Until then! 😉

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We are a 3rd generation of family-owned business specialising in epoxy resin manufacturing and supplies. We are located in Perth, Western Australia, where we manufacture and distribute all of our resin products. We focus on three characteristics: Dependability, Customer Service and Uniqueness.

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