I Want To Create Cheeseboards! But Is It Safe?

It seems like more and more people are wanting to create their very own decorative cheeseboards, platters, etc. BUT there seems to be one main issue. IS resin ‘food safe’ or ‘food grade’?

Our products are not classed as ‘non-toxic’ or ‘food safe/ grade’. HOWEVER, if you are using resin to decorate a handle or small section of a cheeseboard, then using our resin is fine! Our U RESIN Thick/UV system is perfect to use on cheeseboards and for any ‘Incidental Food Contact / Contamination’ (but cannot be used to cover an entire serving board.)

For resin to be deemed as ‘safe’ for the incidental contact. The resin must be cured and post cured (this is EXTREMELY important!). If the resin is uncured or tacky in certain spots, this is no good and can cause leeching. This can cause health issues if food touches it, and is then digested. The board will not be ok to use if there is uncured resin left on there. It is best to start again. The resin should also not be used as a cutting surface or put into a dishwasher as this can cause leeching as the resin wears out, with more uses.

Keep it in mind

Something to keep in mind is the types of colours or additives you are using in the resin to create these boards. Some colours are non-toxic and others are not. Please be aware of the ingredients of the pigments. This impacts the chemistry of any brand resin and changes whether a resin is ‘non-toxic’ or ‘food safe’ if the colours are not deemed safe. (Please also follow the correct safety procedures provided with both pigments and resin)

As long as you are careful, and are aware of the limits of resin there should be no issues! Always remember safety first! If you would like more information please contact us via our contact page or send us a message via Facebook!

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