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Since the beginning of COVID-19 we have seen quite an evolution of our business from our shopfront, to workshops and even product line. We have widely expanded our product line to offer you the best “one stop shop” service along with the latest addition of Apple & Google Pay to our range of easy payment methods online.

Wondering what products are new? Here is a list of the newest products (we have available both online and in store):

  • Alcohol Ink Accessories: We have a few new items that make working with alcohol inks a whole lot easier, including applicator bottles and air puffers.
  • Art Tree Creations Boards: We now stock a huge selection of the Art Tree Creations double primed and braced MDF Art Boards in round, square and rectangle. As well as the Aluminium Composite boards which are perfect for your Alcohol Ink Artworks.
  • Cheeseboards: A wide selection of hand-made natural timber cheeseboards made from Hevea and Camphor Laurel.
  • Clocks: We have a selection of double primed, MDF clocks in varying sizes with lazer cut numbers.
  • Coasters: We have a new selection of Primed MDF coasters in square, round and hexagon, alongside our original line of coasters and even a range of coaster moulds for your resin casting projects.
  • Miscellaneous: You can find clock sets, individual clock hands, stones, table legs, plastic drop sheets, tweezers and more.
  • Mixing Sticks: We have new bulk packs of stirrers as well as drill mixers for those bigger resin casting projects like River Tables.
  • Sculpey Clay & Accessories: You can find a wide selection of the Sculpey 3 and Sculpey Premo Clay ranges in store and online. These are perfect for moulding small items or creating jewellery which can then be coated or used in resin. To compliment the Sculpey Clay, we also stock a range of accessories and moulds.

At the same time, we have also said goodbye to some old products as well as phasing a few out to make sure we have room for a greater variety of arts supplies. You will be able to find Triangle Boards and the Vallejo Fluid Acrylic paints on SALE as we phase these products out of our line.  We will also be saying goodbye to the Hexagon Board range as well as the Copic Alcohol Inks due to the range changing. These products will be joining our U RESIN Thick UV and U RESIN Flex UV resin systems, and becoming no longer available once our final stock has sold out.

It isn’t all bad or sad news, as we are always looking to add new products and open to suggestions of products you’d like to see us create and stock. We are in the process of developing and testing 2 new resin systems and a range of other products that we hope to share with you all soon, that you will love just as much as our current product range.

To stay up to date with all our latest products and updates, be sure to follow us on our socials. 

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We are a 3rd generation of family-owned business specialising in epoxy resin manufacturing and supplies. We are located in Perth, Western Australia, where we manufacture and distribute all of our resin products. We focus on three characteristics: Dependability, Customer Service and Uniqueness.

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