Stockist Application Requirements

Stockist Application Requirements – As many would already know, we started U RESIN from humble beginnings in 2017, where we began only selling to an online market through Facebook. As the months and years went on, we began to grow fairly rapidly. In late 2018, we introduced our very first Resin Stockist in South Australia. Since then we have grown further and now have a Studio, Shop, Online Websites and over 16 stockists around Australia.

We pride ourselves on our family values, expansive product and technical knowledge, and high quality, 100% Australian Made products. This is something we heavily look for when considering new Stockist Applications or similar.

We now have 4 main programs; Ambassadors, Stockists, Retailers & Rebranders.

Ambassadors – Our ambassador program is currently by invitation only. This is something we recently introduced in our business to support our customers that have been loyal and long standing customers of ours. This is a great starting opportunity for our customers to consider stocking or those that frequently buy in volume.

To become an ambassador, APPLY HERE.

As a U RESIN Ambassador, you will have access to your own Ambassador Code which can be used to promote on your website or socials to offer your followers and customers a discount on our website. As an Ambassador you will also be added to our U RESIN Recommends page on our website. This is a page we divert enquiries too if they are looking for workshops or custom commission artworks, etc.

Stockists – Whilst any shop or business may apply to become a stockist, we do look for certain minimum requirements in order to be considered as a U RESIN Stockist. We often look for a previous purchase history; so we know you have a good understanding and general knowledge on our product range. An ABN, website and current social media profiles; for means of advertising. Finally a minimum purchase limit per order. Our Brand at U RESIN is important to us, and hope for our stockists to reflect the same morals and values we share.

Retailers – Similarly to our Stockists requirements, we look for the same criteria. Art Stores or larger Businesses that have a shop front are generally considered for retailers. Should we see a Stockist exceeding our requirements, we will promote them to our Retailer level.

To become a stockist or retailer, APPLY HERE.

As a U RESIN Stockist or Retailer, you will be added to our Stockists page available on our website. This is where we will direct local enquiries or messages we receive, so consumers can contact businesses directly. Stockists will also be posted on our Facebook Page, Instagram Highlights and regular blog posts. Access to our Sync Folder will also be granted where you can find social media marketing materials, product pictures and technical and safety data sheets that can all be downloaded to use.

Rebranders – Unrelated to our other 3 options. If you are an existing resin business or a new resin business looking to stock your own brand of epoxy resin systems and pigments, we can supply in bulk or private label and pack ‘unbranded’ kits for your own personal branding. We currently offer this to a number of clients around Australia. This will involve a contract and total confidentiality between both businesses.

To become a rebrander, APPLY HERE.

If you feel you meet any of the criteria above and wish to partner with our brand, apply via the specific applications above. Once an application is received, our team will go through the information provided and either accept or deny.

Please Note: We only accept legitimate candidates that fit with our U RESIN branding and pre-existing stockists. Our existing stockists are most important to us and all of which will be contacted should we receive applications from businesses within the same or close locations. We do our best to spread out our stockists to avoid over lapping and provide as much equality and fairness between our stockists and retailers. We do everything we can to support our stockists as they continue to support us and our family.

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