It is with the heaviest of hearts, that we share this news with you all… Friday Night (25/10/19) was the last time we would be saying we love you and goodnight to our sweet baby boy, Sunshine. 🐶☀️

Sunshine was our greatest supporter and shared so much love and happiness with us and many of our customers that have met him over the past year as he spent his days with us, guarding the office but most importantly, mum. 💙

Whilst he barked like a big tough dog, he was as scared and nervous as ever and really just wanted to roll over and have you rub his belly.

He was always the first one ready for work every day, waiting by the door to hop in the car and be able to sit on the chair to look out the window. He always knew when it was lunch time, as he’d drag his plate and bark to tell you he was ready. Our precious boy was definitely more human than dog.

The past 7 months have been extremely hard for him with a collapsing trachea among a few other issues, which unfortunately we could no longer watch him struggle through even with his constant smiling face. What we thought would be just a check up, left us stunned when having to say our final goodbyes. 😪

Sunshine, Thank you for all the joy, unconditional love, laughter and constant happiness you have brought us over the years. You made every day better and brighter for us and so many others. We are truly devastated that you will no longer be by our side wherever we go. But we know you will be watching over us always as we continue to grow, in your honour.💙🐶👼

You will always be our Sunshine! ☀️ Shine bright. We love you. We miss you. Rest in Peace, sweet boy. 😪😘 

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