How To: Make Terrazzo Chips

How To: Make Terrazzo Chips – Terrazzo has been a well known and long admired technique for artworks and homewares. The terrazzo effect is beautiful and extremely versatile, adding a touch of elegance to any design. And did you know, Terrazzo can now also be created with Jesmonite AC100. In this blog post, we will be sharing how to make your own terrazzo chips from Jesmonite in your next art project.

Jesmonite AC100 is a super versatile and safe material that offers exceptional performance. Its unique properties make it an ideal choice for your next creative endeavour. Its compatibility with pigments, additives, and aggregates ensures that your jesmonite project will be vibrant, durable, and a true expression of your artistry.

One of the incredible benefits of Jesmonite is it’s “Zero Waste” ability – this is where the terrazzo chips come in. Terrazzo chips can be easily created simply with your leftovers from a jesmonite pour or the residual materials still in your cups after pouring.

If you want to create Terrazzo chips from scratch, then here is the essentials to get started:

  • Jesmonite AC100 Base and Liquid
  • Scales
  • Colour Pigments
  • Baking Paper
  • Mixing Containers
  • Mixing Tools

Now that you have all the essentials ready to go, it’s time to start creating. You will start out by measuring out (by weight) your desired amount of Jesmonite Powder and Liquid. Once weighed out, mix together until well combined and there are no visible clumps of powder or unmixed material. Now add in your desired colour pigment.

Tip: Because jesmonite AC100 has such a short working time, we recommend working in small batches and creating one colour of terrazzo chips at a time. 

Ideally you only need 1-2% colour to Jesmonite, however you can go as high as 5% colour to create a rich and strong depth of colour. However in doing so, this can lead to a slower curing time of your jesmonite as you begin to change the natural chemistry between the powder and liquid.

Once you have mixed through your pigment and are happy with the colour you have created, now you want to evenly spread your jesmonite mixture onto the baking paper you previously prepared. Try to spread the jesmonite out as much as possible, without it becoming patchy or “see through”. The thicker the layer of jesmonite, the shorter it will take to cure and harder it will be to make chips once cured. The thinner the layer, the longer it will cure but can also become too brittle and hard to use.

Tip: Try to aim for a 1-2mm thickness for the ideal curing time and ease of use once cured. 

Allow the jesmonite to cure completely. You may begin to notice a slight change in colour once it begins to harden – this is totally normal. Once the jesmonite has completely hardened, it’s now time to create the “terrazzo” effect.

Simply peel the jesmonite layer off the baking paper and begin to break into pieces. The sized pieces you create are totally up to you and your preference. Create large chunks or crush quite well for really small pieces. We generally like to make a bit of a mix of large and small pieces for a more dimensional look and finish.

Now you can either leave it at this, or go one step further by making multiple coloured chips and blending them together. Some very popular Terrazzo colour combinations include:

  • Turquoise, Light Blue, Watermelon and Grey/ Black
  • Fluoro Green, Purple, Pink, Orange and Blue
  • Greys (50 shades of 😉)
  • Light Brown, Mocha, Terracotta and Chocolate Brown
  • Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey and White

There you have it! Making terrazzo chips are super simple and easy to do, and give you endless possibilities for your next jesmonite project. As an additional benefit, grab yourself a storage container or two and add your chips to the containers. You can store your chips for years and use them at any time you wish. This is why its great to turn any excess or leftover material into terrazzo chips.

So you’ve now successfully ventured into the world of crafting terrazzo chips with Jesmonite AC100! If you’re still feeling a little unsure, then feel free to watch our YouTube video or purchase our E-Book for a full in-depth guide of how to work with Jesmonite AC100

Don’t forget to experiment, innovate, and enjoy the journey of crafting unique terrazzo chips that reflect your artistic expression. With Jesmonite AC100, your creative potential knows no bounds.

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