How To: Finish your Cheeseboards

We are seeing a growing trend in the creation of Resin Cheese Boards and/or Serving Boards and with this, comes the very important question; How do you finish a Cheeseboard for use?

Let’s start close to the beginning; – You have just poured your cheeseboard and waiting for the resin to cure. Once your resin has completely cured and is now touch dry, we suggest removing any tape that was used on the board, whether along the edges or underneath the board.

If you haven’t used tape underneath the boards, that is okay! This may, however, mean you have small little bumps on the bottom of the board. If this is the case, (we would recommend allowing the boards to cure a minimum of 1 week before completing this process.) Flip the board upside down and lay flat on a soft/clean towel or similar. Then with your heat gun and a scraper (or depending on the heat gun you have an added scraper attachment) move around the board, heating small sections at a time and using the scraper to remove the resin bumps.

When removing these little bumps, depending on the quality of the cheeseboard itself may result in the removal of the colour/ stain off the board. If this has happened, we would then recommend giving the entire board surface sand. Any sandpaper grit will work, however, something between 400-1,000 grit would be best to work with so it’s not overly ‘gritty’ and going to cause deep scratch marks to the board.

Once the board has been sanded all over and is 1 even colour, wipe the board down with any dry/soft cloth to remove the dust from sanding. Once the surface is clean it’s time for the most important part; Oiling. For this, we recommend applying a generous scoop (approx. the size of a 20cent coin) of our U RESIN Balm onto a clean microfibre cloth before applying to the board. Work the balm in circular motions and ensure it is evenly coating the entire surface of the board. Once worked into the board, allow to sit for 5-10 minutes and apply a second coat.

After the underside is complete, it’s time to flip the board back around and repeat the sanding and oiling process on the top surface also. We would recommend 2-3 coats of the U RESIN Balm on the top surface as it is extremely important the board is conditioned before use. Once the board has been oiled, it is ready to go to its new home or ready for you to serve on!

The beauty of our U RESIN Balm is that it is made from 100% natural and locally sourced ingredients that make the product food safe. None of the ingredients will go rancid or leave a bad after smell, unlike some other products or oils as well as, it is also completely safe to use over our Resin systems once the resin has been cured. Check out, U RESIN Balm for more information.

With any Cheeseboard made from wood, it is important to re-condition or ‘oil’ the board regularly. We would recommend applying an additional coat every 2-3 months, or sooner depending on the frequency, the board is used.

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