12 Days of U RESIN Christmas ’23


It’s our FAVOURITE time of year once again, and to thank you all for another fantastic year, we have brought back the 12 Days of U RESIN Christmas for 2023! 🎁🎉 This year we have NEW specials to share with you over the next 12 days, in the lead up to Christmas! Take a peak below at what specials are coming up and be sure to mark your calendars for you fave days so you can snatch yourself some bargains! 😉👇

🎄 On the first day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..        20% OFF 1L & 1.5L Resin Kits! 🔔  This includes our U RESIN Liquid Glass, U RESIN UltraCoat and U RESIN Cast kits

🎄 On the second day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..    20% OFF 2L & 20L Resin Kits! 🔔 This includes our 2L & 20L U RESIN Liquid Glass and 2L & 20L U RESIN UltraCoat kits 

🎄 On the third day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..       20% OFF 3L & 30L Resin Kits! 🔔 This includes our 3L & 30L U RESIN Cast and 3L & 30L U RESIN OceanCast kits

🎄 On the fourth day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..     20% OFF 4L & 40L Resin Kits! 🔔   This includes our 4L & 40L U RESIN Liquid Glass and 4L U RESIN UltraCoat kits 

🎄 On the fifth day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..         FREE GIFT with Every Purchase over $50! 🔔 The more you spend the better the FREE Gift! ^

🎄 On the sixth day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..       20% OFF 6L & 10% OFF 60L Resin Kits 🔔 This includes our 6L & 60L U RESIN Cast and 6L & 60L U RESIN OceanCast kits

🎄 On the seventh day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..   BUY 7 ART BOARDS GET 2 FREE! 🔔 When you purchase 7 boards from any of the following:  Primed MDF Square Boards, Primed MDF Round Boards, Primed MDF Rectangle Boards, Custom Shape Boards, Clocks, Cheeseboards, Aluminium Square Boards, Aluminium Round Boards ranges we will give you 2 FREE!

🎄 On the eighth day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..     GET 8% OFF SCULPEY & JESMONITE 🔔 Automatically receive 8% OFF all Sculpey, Sculpey Accessories, Jesmonite & Jesmonite Accessories!

🎄 On the ninth day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..       GET 9% OFF EMBELLISHMENTS! 🔔 Automatically receive 9% OFF all Shells, Coffee Beans, Metallic Foils, Pressed Flowers, Glitters, Crushed Glass

🎄 On the tenth day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..       20% OFF 10L Resin Kits! 🔔  This includes our 10L U RESIN Liquid Glass and 10L U RESIN UltraCoat kits 

🎄 On the eleventh day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..  $11 Pigments Pastes! 🔔 All pigment pastes from the following: U RESIN Mousse, U RESIN Lustre, U RESIN Limited Edition, U RESIN Epoxy, Art Tree Epoxy and Art Tree Metallic ranges are all discounted

🎄 On the twelfth day of Christmas, U RESIN gave to me…..    12% OFF Moulds & Accessories! 🔔  Automatically receive 12% OFF Christmas Moulds, Halloween Moulds, Blue Moulds, Gloves, Measuring Cups, Plastic Sheets, Stirrers, Pipettes & Scrapers, Balm, Wax & Sealer.

Terms & Conditions:
~ Free Art Boards will be automatically selected at random. Minimum 7 Boards need to be purchased to receive additional FREE boards. Every 7 Boards, will add 2 free boards (7 + 2 Free, 14 + 4 Free, etc.)
* Percentage discounts are automatically applied – NO codes necessary.
^ All FREE Gifts are selected at random, when spending over $50. Free Gift Values will range starting from $10 and up based on the overall order spend. Free Gifts cannot be swapped, exchanged or returned for $ value. 

1.) Each special will only be available on those specific days (Dec 1st = Day 1, Dec 2nd = Day 2, etc.)! Offers will NOT be extended past each specific day (all based on AWST).
2.) No holds or lay-bys allowed. If orders are not placed on the correct days, they will not be processed with the intended sale.
3.) Any sales placed with invalid codes, from incorrect days or wanting free items where not valid will be cancelled and refunded.
4.) All specials are subject to ‘Whilst Stock Lasts’. A sale will no longer be available on an item should we run out of stock.
5.) THIS IS AN ONLINE SALE ONLY – Orders MUST be placed online. For Perth Customers, the ‘Click & Collect’ Option is available. These specific offers will not be available in our Maddington Store for general visits.
6.) All Standard Shipping rates apply and is calculated automatically during the checkout procedure.
7.) Orders cannot be combined to reduce shipping costs if purchasing on multiple dates. Shipping will be based upon each individual order/sale. To ensure fast processing and shipping before Christmas, orders will be shipped as soon as they are packed and processed.
8.) Offers are not applicable to U RESIN Stockists, U RESIN Resellers or U RESIN Rebranders. U RESIN Ambassador discounts will not be applicable if purchasing during one of the sales.
9.) Any FREE Items are selected at random by a U RESIN staff member upon processing of the order.
10.) Storewide discount excludes the following: Gift Vouchers, Starter Kits, Seconds, Mystery Boxes, Colour Combos, Workshops, Already on sale items & Artworks.
11.) Orders will not be ‘prioritised’ or given ‘privilege’ over any order upon request. All orders will be packed and processed based on the Order Number # to ensure fairness between our customers.

We ask that you PLEASE ensure you are providing the correct billing and shipping information upon placing any orders. Also double check if you are selecting ‘Click & Collect’ or Shipping for West Australian Customers. We want to process everything as quickly and smoothly as possible to ensure deliveries prior to Christmas.

Enjoy & Have a wonderful U RESIN Christmas!

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