Courier Update 2022 – QLD & NSW Floods

As we are sure you are all aware, the situation of flooding in Queensland and some parts of New South Wales is devastating. Unfortunately the situation is constantly changing and not for the better. We have been advised that some couriers are having to react and make immediate changes such as suspending pick ups and deliveries.

Some of the changes may impact surrounding areas not directly in the flood zones, or may impact collecting items that are destined for areas affected by the floods. The flood waters across Queensland are still heavily impacting the South East region of Queensland, as well as metropolitan Brisbane, and now extending to some parts of coastal NSW.

Significant flood waters remain and rainfall continues, and is now adversely impacting Southern Queensland, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and into North/North East New South Wales.
We have been advised that a number of depots have been closed across Queensland until further notice. This will continue to affect any and all pickup and delivery services predominantly in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Lismore. Due to increasing road closures and landslide risks, access to country and Northern Queensland regions are extremely limited. Railway services have been halted or cancelled entirely due to rail outages as a result of flood water, or track repairs required.

Whilst this is predominately an issue in Queensland and New South Wales, there are still significant delays being experienced across shipping Australia Wide. We have further been advised to add an additional (1) week to the Estimated Time of Arrival dates provided upon booking.

With this being said, please be aware of the current circumstances and plan ahead to account for these shipment delays.

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