Boards - MDF Rectangle

BOARDS MANUFACTURED BY ART TREE CREATIONS. All rectangular art boards feature a 37mm side profile. 40x60cm and above all have corner bracing. The larger boards also feature centre braces which increase in number as the sizes get bigger

The sides are sanded to a smooth finish so you almost cant tell where the top timber meets the frame timbers and the top edge has a 3mm rounded edge.

They are double primed on the top and sides with a light sand in between coats to get the best possible finish which means you can get straight into creating your masterpiece as no further preparation is required.

Our art boards are suitable for pouring resin, as the timber top won’t sag causing the resin to pool. They are great also for all types of mediums including acrylics, oils, watercolours & Flow mediums and other mixed media.

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  • Boards - MDF Rectangle

    40 x 60cm

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  • Boards - MDF Rectangle

    60 x 80cm

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