Boards - Aluminium Round

BOARDS MANUFACTURED BY ART TREE CREATIONS. These aluminium panel top round art boards have been developed for anyone wanting a super smooth, gloss black or gloss white surface. They are perfect for Alcohol Ink art work or any application where you require a non absorbent smooth surface.

They feature a heavy duty aluminium composite panel top bonded to a 12mm mdf ring frame. We don’t use the cheap thin panel that you see at hardware stores, ours is 50% thicker.

These art boards are a perfect alternative to Yupo paper, saving the time, effort and cost to glue Yupo paper down to a separate round art board

Once you have completed your alcohol ink art you seal the surface just like you would on yupo paper and you can also put a layer of your favourite art resin epoxy resin.

These art panels are also perfect for other art mediums where a super smooth surface is required.

They are ready to go with no preparation steps required other than wiping them over with isopropl to make sure they are free from contamination.

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  • Boards - Aluminium Round

    AI – 20cm

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  • Boards - Aluminium Round

    AI – 30cm

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  • Boards - Aluminium Round

    AI – 40cm

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  • Boards - Aluminium Round

    AI – 50cm

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